Hi, Im Clare, welcome

I’m a 36-year-old mum of two. I have been doing Pilates on and off since I was 24. Iv always loved low impact movements. I’m someone who could never get quite into the gym like I always would have liked too.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. For me, Pilates was a huge factor in my recovery. I started 6 months of chemo a day after my 30th birthday. Looking back its honestly quite a blur but after 6 months I was incredibly lucky to have finished my treatment and get the all clear. For me, the recovery after chemo was the hardest part of all.

During chemo you are fighting one of the biggest fights of your life. I remained strong knowing that I had such a high prognosis and that I could get through this and lead a normal heathy life after. For me, the hardest part came in the recover after my treatment had finished, mentally ad physically.

I hadn’t been able to do any exercise through treatment and was so eager to start working out and moving my body again, I hired a PT. (Even if you aren’t into exercise, having the option and knowing your body is capable is such a huge luxury, don’t ever take it for granted.)

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I had my first PT session, and I can stay I’ve never been in so much pain. I could barely move for 7 days after and I was so miserable. I felt like I had abused my body after everything I had been through.

I realised I never wanted to feel like this again and knew I couldn’t put my body through this again. It was too much too soon, and I had felt  worse than before. This is when I knew I had to get back into the Pilates studio.

Don’t get me wrong, Pilates isn’t easy and can be extremely challenging, but the great thing is it can be modified to suite nearly everyone.

I’m here, 7 years later, still with great health, biggest appreciation for life and my body and couldn’t be more great full.   I chose to train and pass this incredible gift on to others and become a qualified Pilates teacher, I’ve never looked back since.